The media used is beneficial to the plant life and growth of young seedlings/cuttings. Experience has shown that plants produced with the Ellepot system produce early stable and healthy plant growth. Typically a grower could reasonably expect a root system to strike 3-12 days earlier than with other growing methods.

The Elleplug system is a simple system and yet extremely effective and provides great flexibility in production for both the young plant grower and the end user of the plants grown.

The way that the Elleplugs are produced means that the grower has total control of the plug production. Such control has never ever been seen by any other method of plug production.010_15a

  • Control of plug width
  • Control of plug length
  • Control of plug media density
  • Control of plug production speed

Ellepots Queensland are able to supply either the plugs to your exact requirements or we can supply the machines to make the plugs.

The machines we supply are capable of production speeds of 4000-40000 plugs per hour depending upon model selected.

We have a range of suitable trays for you to grow you’re your plants in. These trays are designed to provide a beneficial growing environment for the Ellepots as well as providing a cost effective method of distribution of finished plants.

The Ellepots system in combination with our preferred growing media of peat, make an unbeatable combination of both growing system and reliable media. Our media has ‘guaranteed’ consistency.

  • Beneficial to plant development. The root system is not inhibited and a natural root development is encouraged.
  • No root spiraling. The roots are encouraged to develop naturally
  • Earlier strike rate using the finest European peat
  • Easy to grade
  • Easy to ‘pot on’.
  • No de–tubing.

As a producer of Ellepots the grower can supply an advantageous product to his/her customer base. Ellepots are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.