pol (1)We have used the ellepots in our production facilities now for over 2 years. Consistent success rates have been achieved in a wide range of propagated  varieties.

From Indoor house plants, Specialty Crops-New Guineas Dahlias, Margariete Daisies, Osteospermums, Fuchsias etc, and Tree and Shrub species in various  cell sizes, 25-50mm.

Our biggest cost savings have been on quicker plug production = quicker bench turns $/m2 (pot 1-2 weeks earlier than cell production) less potting losses through minimal root disturbance,  reduced costs-media, media preparation, plug trays etc and reduced labour-as simply moisten, dibble and stick, no preparation.

Add to this the ability to hold and shape the plug a lot longer if required and  still be machine transplanted and you have a very flexible and versatile product.