Ellepots are an excellent solution for growing on of Tissue Cultures.

The system is unique in that it offers peat filled plug that is airy and supportive of the future developing root structure. There is no need for media mixing or even try filling. The choice is yours to make.

Supplied freshly formed and ready to use.
Density of the mix in the plug is adjustable.
The plugs are fully biodegradable.
Plain, or pre-dibbled plugs to take seeds or cuttings, your option.
Quick to take up water as the Ellepot structure is high in air filled porosity and provides effective drainage.
Ellepots made with peat are rich in bioactivity.
Healthy root initiation and growth is usually faster.
Roots penetrate the nonwoven paper easily, no root curling and no media wasted.
The rooted plants are easy to lift and grade from the open tray.
No tubing required, the cuttings can be potted on in the Ellepot.
No de-tubingwhen compared to growing and tubes.
Growing method encourages early natural lateral and bottom root formation in surrounding soils after transplanting.