There are several reasons we use Elleplugs at Florabundance.

Ease of use is a main reason. To be able to buy a pallet of ready to use plugs, made to your own specification & size is a huge benefit. We don’t have to have pallets of perlite, peat etc sitting around & we don’t waste time & space having to mix media up & then fill tubes, trays etc. Mixing perlite is a very unpleasant job, & using Elleplugs we do away with the problem & any associated health problems.

When potting tubes, we end up with vast volumes of used tubes that need to be discarded, as most tubegrowers do not want them back for reuse. By using Ellepots, we have at the end of the day a stack of trays that fit within each other, so we could pot 20,000 plugs & only fill a wheelie bin with the waste.

Speed of potting is a huge benefit. We can pot comfortably 3000 plugs per hour, but as soon as we use tubes etc, the rate can literally half. Taking the plants from the tubes, & invariably disturbing the root system, & disposing of the tubes hasĀ a huge impact on our potting rates. We propagate 75% of our own material, but when are purchasing tubes we look for other users of Ellepots. RAMM Botanicals are a major supplier to us, & much of their product comes to us in Ellepots, a big potting benefit again.

90% of our total propagation is done in Ellepots, & has been done so for the last 3 years or so. They are a great benefit to our business, & even better now we have a local supplier, Ellepots Qld, only 20 minutes away. I can order a pallet on Monday & pick it up Friday, another big benefit to our business, not having to worry about freight costs.

We are extremely satisfied with the quality & service we receive from Ellepots Qld & gladly recommend them to anyone wanting to change to a better propagation system.

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